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• Material: 4150 Heat Treated Steel• Chamber: 6.5  CreedMoor • Length: 20"• Twist Rate: 1:8• Gas Port: 0.750"• Gas System: Riffle • Thread Pitch: 5/8x24• Feed Ramps: M4• Finish: Melonite • MADE IN USA..
Features:Length: 20"1:10 Twist.750" Gas Block DiameterRifle Length.86" Gas Hole Diameter5/8"X24 Thread Pitch416r Stainless SteelFluted Light ContourMatch GradeMade in USA..
Features:Length: 20"1:10 Twist.750" gas block diameterRifle Length with a 0.125" gas hole diameter5/8"x24 Thread Pitch4150 gun quality steel, heat treated to RC 28-32 hardness, stress relieved.Parkerized FinishLight ContourMatch GradeMade in the U.S.A.Fits: AR-10DPMS Compatible..
Length: 20”Chambered in .308 Winchester1:10 Twist Rate.750” gas block diameterRifle-length gas systemProfile: Heavy Barrel 0.086 gas hole diameter5/8x24 Tread Pitch416R Stainless Steel Barrel index is designed after the 1st Gen DPMS pattern also known as LR-308Finish: RawMade in ..
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